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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Quentions

1) Does your tour of the Colosseum go to the Underground level or the 3rd Tier?

No, to tour the Underground level and 3rd Tier of the Colosseum requires an additional ticket to the regular entrance fee. You will no longer be on a private tour during this portion of our tour as you will be grouped together with many others and led through these areas by the Colosseum staff. It takes nearly 1.5 hours to complete their Colosseum tour of these areas and we prefer to spend this time elsewhere.

2) Will we visit the Pope’s Tombs on our Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica tour?

To visit the Pope's tombs in the basement of the Basilica there is a special tour given by the church, not us. It is a 90-minute tour and tickets are 13 Euros. The tour is limited to small groups and only about 250 visitors per day. Reservations must be made well in advance.

3) Could you also please tell me if the tour includes going to the rooftop of St. Peter's Basilica?

The cupola of St. Peter’s has a separate entrance fee and it is not possible to “skip the line” as this very specific entrance. Therefore, it is not offered as part of our tour. Your guide can tell you some information about what you will find there. The ticket prices for the cupola entrance as listed on the website of St. Peter’s (as of August 2013) is as follows:

    Ticket Price
  • Lift up to the level terrace and continue on foot (320 steps) Ticket € 7.00
  • Ascent walk 551 steps Ticket € 5.00
  • Reductions are possible for schools to checkout presenting a certificate of the Institute with the list of participants. Concessions € 3.00

4) Can you send me some brochures and maps of your tours?

No, we do not have any brochures or maps that we are able to mail. We operate in more eco-friendly, paperless working environments. Our information is provided online or you can inquire for more details and we are able to email you. Please let us know if there is something we can send you about one of our tours.

5) What is needed to reserve a tour?

Once you have indicated you are ready to make your reservation we will match you up with a guide for your family and send you instructions for finalizing your reservation.

6) Do you take payment by credit card?

We require a deposit for our full day tours paid online via the secure website PayPal where you can use your credit card. This reduces the cash balance due on the day of your tour. If you wish to pay for your half-day tour by credit card, contact us for the details.

Do you accept U.S. dollars?

Yes. We will multiply the amount due in Euros by the current exchange rate and add a 10% processing fee.

What’s the Roma Pass?

The Roma Pass is a 3-day ticket for the public transportation in Venice. It also offers some discounts at certain sites. If you are planning to be in Venice for a few days visiting many places it is certainly worth looking into. Here's the website where you can find out more information - https://www.romapass.it/?l=en